Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Fill the registration form....

Dear all MCETns,

You are requested to please fill the registration form as linked in the first post. I can see that, some of you joined in Google Contacts but have not yet filled the registration form. Please do it as early as possible, so that, we can proceed further.

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MCET Alumni

Monday, 3 October 2011

Welcome All MCET'ns ....

Dear All,
This blog is meant for those who still have feelings, memories of their graduation in a remote college named MCET. When we left the college, it was a bud, but it is blooming as a flower now. It needs so many colours, colour of teachers, colour of students and colour of alumnus. So, please be with us and let us form a strong Alumni association for this college and do something for the colourful flower, so that, we will be proud for ourselves. Please follow this link and fill your details which will help us contacting you all together and plan everything together.

Registration Form

Suvankar Bhattacharya
MCET Batch - 2002-2006
Computer Science and Engineering